Those who have the lights swap each other (Plato, "Republic")

Dino Marasà, of scientific and humanistic education, greek, translator. After a short career as a web publisher, rediscovering the passion for art and a decade, he deals with reviewing the work of artists. He started as an art critic in 2007, working with the Centro Diffusione Arte publishing house in Palermo (then EA Editore). In 2014, he founded Studio Byblos, an international publishing house. In the middle of 2015 he interrupts his collaboration with EA Editore to dedicate himself to the Byblos Studio. The intent is to give maximum impetus to the supranational sharing of culture and art. In addition to writing over ten years on many Italian and foreign artists reviews, he also translated into Italian, from modern Greek, "I can even without Euro", an essay by Greek journalist Andreas Roumeliotis, describing with objectivity the Greek crisis and the its motives. He has also occupied astronomical and mathematical sciences. Many critical reviews by Dino Marasà can be found by searching his name on google.

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The latest publications (2016 - 2017) by Dino Marasà as publisher and author:

  • Polychromia 2016 – Themart
  • Grand Budapest Art Show 2016
  • 1st Prince of Salina Gattopardo International Exhibition General Catalogue of the Maestros

The latest publications (2016 - early 2019) by Dino Marasà as publisher:

  • “Racconto dell’uomo felice” di Antonino Sergi (Il Sognatore)
  • “La città dell’anima” di Michele Basso
  • “Sognare a Caronia” di Santina Folisi
  • More than 35 personal books (artistic diaries) about various artists. Discover them on !
  • Polychromia International - Polychromia 2018  - Monographic Masters in Frankfurt - Italian Art Value in Frankfurt