For you, you've written a book of any kind and on any topic

For you artist who wants to publish a catalog or a monograph

Studio Byblos accompanies you from the manuscript to the sale!

Because Studio Byblos gives you:

  • the professional page and graphic layout .
  • the translation and / or assistance in translating your book into Italian and other languages on request. 
  • the draft correction to cancel the error possibilities
  • the ISBN code and the legal deposit of your book. (the copyright of the book is and will always be yours)
  • the personalised reporting of your book as new edition! 
  • the publishing a preview of your book on ISSUU and SCRIBD.
  • the marketing of the book everywhere, in the bookshops and in the web stores. And you decide the price of the book! 

All this at a low cost by you. Studio Byblos will recognise you a percentage on the price of the book you've decided!

Send your manuscript without any commitment to the address and email and at the same time call +393337878888, publisher Dino Marasà will be happy to meet you, to listen to you and to formulate a budget according to your requirements for your editorial project , for your book!

Discover Studio Byblos' books in the principal Italian and international partner bookstores!